Affordable Websites For Small Businesses In Redruth


Websites can be very expensive and we understand that you may jump to the conclusion that having one designed for you or your business is going to cost a lot of money. This thought process is quite a common one.

In a way it is true. There of course many websites that cost a lot of money to have built but that does not mean that you need the same.

Many of you are missing out and it generally comes down to the fact that the price out ways the benefit to having one.

What we want to offer are affordable websites to any persons or businesses who just want a simple place online where customers can find them.

If customers misplace your contact details or have heard good things about you they will need a way to find those details. This does need a fancy expensive website. One page will be enough for anyone looking for you to do a search on any search engine, like Google, and find your phone number or email address.

This website is very basic and we have deliberately made it so. However, there are better ways to create a one page site and these are the type we intend to set up for you. They are a one page site that show some information about your business and ways to contact.

Another headache is paying for hosting. Often having an elaborate site will come with running costs and monthly or yearly hosting. These prices are often over inflated by web designers when actually hosting costs are not that much. However there are no hosting fees or monthly costs with the sites we set up.

The only cost to you is the yearly domain name renewal of around £10 per year plus the cost of us to have your site ready.

There will be a few requirements before we have actually build your site out. This will mostly be content and photographs. Those are the details we can go over if you are interested. The cost for you to have your simple website is £59.00. There are no hidden costs. Because it is so cheap we will need a few paragraphs from you about yourself and your business and for you to provide photographs. That is all. Once it is completed, you only have to renew your domain name once a year for about £10.

We are based in Redruth, but of course are web based and can take clients from all over Cornwall.


Benefits Of Having A Website


An Increase In Leads


Having a website mean potential customers can find you when they search online. Let’s face it, the old days of browsing the yellow pages are over. Almost everyone now searches for when they require online. Without a website you are getting left behind.


Tell Them About You


A web page will allow you to tell people about you or your business. You can tell your story and describe the history of your company. Letting people know who you are builds trust.


Open 24/7


You might be closed and at home relaxing but your website is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Clients will always be able to find you and send a message.


Help Returning Customers


Business cards or details on a piece of paper often get lost. It is much easier for them to bookmark the site for future reference. If they have forgotten to do that, they will still be able to find you via search engines.




Having a website tells others than you are serious about your business. This adds credibility to your company.


You Own Your Domain Name


This is important because it could cause problems if another person registered your domain and began to use it. It could be used in negative way to attack you business.


Search Engines


Your site will be indexed and appear in search engines. This allows potential clients to find you based on the keywords they choose to use when searching for services you provides.



What Type Of Site Is Right For You


We are offering simple and easy websites made up of one page where we add the text you give us that describes you or your business, it’s history, what service it provides, contact details, some photos and the ability to add posts should you wish to.

This type of site is not going to be suitable for all businesses. Some require hundreds and thousands of pages and those are the type that need deep pockets. You need to make the decision as to whether your business fits in with what we are offering or if you require a site that is on a larger scale.

Our service is cheap at £59 and with the only additional cost being £10 for domain registration which will need renewing each year. There are no monthly hosting fees or maintenance. If this sounds like the perfect thing for you right now, get in touch with us today.


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